Social networking, content agregation and people websearching

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For a couple of years now, the web is going ’social’ (idealistic people call it web 2.0). Some understood it well, like the founders of, allowing its users to search for people and more generally to gather their community around their personal space and the resources they want to share. One could say it’s just another player in the social-thing battle? Of course it is and nobody could say they’re promised to a great success… According to the authors, the differencing benefit should be the quality of the engine for searching for people… We’ll see that in the future but everybody could say that Google is still doing it very well.
As every week a new service is online, proposing to empower your community- and social tools, one question remains: in the following months, which site will buy the others?, magnolia, furl, flickr and others don’t compete with Linkedin, Xing or Facebook. The reality is Google is fighting with Yahoo and Microsoft! Don’t misunderstand the battle and the real opponents ;-)

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