Estonia rules!

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Thanks to Systrum, a very cool web radio I’ve alreadey spoken about here, I just discovered a fresh estonian artist: DSEIR.
I immediately jumped to his label website [Krill] and was happy to discover that he relesaed his first album a few months ago: The Forgotten Land.
I encourage everybody who appreciate some cool (sometimes cold) thrilling ambiances, long tracks covering unexplored spaces or who’d be willing to discover the plains of Estonia, to download his tracks here. Perhaps my preference goes to Clee, a breakbeat mixing soft touched piano and disturbed percussions that could invoke some powerful Aphex TWIN wrecked track on Drukqs.
Hail to the young DSEIR. Please keep going on.

Note: for those who’d have some dificulties to appreciate the music, it seems you didn’t get the right chemistry. A solution could be found… there! ;-)

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