Yang Fei, a natural shooter

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Thanks to my friend Peggy Wu, PR manager of Xing China, and adorable Chinese guide that welcame me in Shanghai during my last trip to Shanghai in sept/oct. 2007, I’ve had the chance to discover a fabulous Chinese photographer’s website. Hopefully, I’ll have one day the opportunity to meet this astonishing personnality: Yang Fei.

Yang Fei seems to be an impressive guy, the kind of man made to invent constantly renewed challenges. He decided to leave the Singapore Finance career he was making, in order to start a photographer activity. One day, he decided to climb a 7500 meters high mountain… and he made it, without having a real preparation nor experience of what high mountain is!… But the best remains to say: because he considered the touring guides (including Lonely Planet) concerning China were mainly inaccurate and/or misleading, with disappointing  pictures, he conceived the very ambitious project he nammed Documenting China. The main goal of the project is "to build an image bank covering all major Chinese tourism destinations in 5 years. The image bank will of course include landscape shots, but the focusing point is to record the life of the locals. I am going to interview 10 households every city/town I visit", as Yang Fei explains. One could only appreciate this inestimable initiative… especially when one has discovered the outstanding quality of his pictures!
My words couldn’t give  an accurate image of its work, then the best thing for you to do is to visit his richly website.
But before that, please take into account Yang Fei’s
advice:"Slow down, listen to your heart, feel the simplicity of the world. In a society where too many artificial sensory input are available, these simple experiences can make us feel more connected to the world. They give us a sense of beauty, chaotic order, and liveliness which enrich our souls."

> Yang Fei’s photo website
> My favorite gallery, Shanghai architecture

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